Limited edition prints are the most valued type of fine art photography prints by virtue of their limited supply. The value of artwork increases as the availability becomes more scarce.

Each print is signed and numbered by Moonkiid and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.


Giclée prints are renowned for their quality and extreme longevity, which is why they’re displayed in museums, art galleries and private collections. So it’s important to properly protect and care for your new pride and joy. Try to avoid leaving it rolled for too long.

We recommend you keep your print stored as it is sent, until it is ready for framing. It is best if a professional framer unwraps and frames your print for you, but if you need to handle it for any reason, please take care (especially with the larger sizes) and wear cotton gloves if possible. 

To uncurl or flatten a print, carefully remove it from the postal tube whilst keeping it covered in the protective acid-free tissue paper. Lay it out on a clean, flat surface, image side up. With the tissue paper covering the print’s image, place some smooth, flat objects (like books) on the ends and middle of the print. Let your giclée print relax over-night and it should be nice and flat. Avoid uncurling it by rolling the print the opposite way to receiving it, as you can easily crease it if done incorrectly. 

Having a frame that is FSC certified and created from 100% acid-free materials is vital. It keeps the artwork in mint condition across the years and ensures the colors stay true. Make sure you buy one made from high-quality materials and with UV protection. Otherwise, the materials can damage the print over time and sunlight could fade the colors.